Steve Talkington Consulting


·      Seminar instructor is a highly qualified Compliance Review Officer (auditor) trained by the FMCSA in Oklahoma City

·      Company founded by a retired Texas State Trooper

·       Instructor was previously assigned to Commercial Vehicle Enforcement; was a Compliance Review officer, a Highway Patrolman and in the Criminal Investigation Division of the Texas Department of Public Safety

·       Dedicated to transportation safety

·       Over 17 years of roadside enforcement experience

·       Completed thousands of roadside inspections

·       7 plus years assisting companies in obtaining US DOT compliance and

·       Has conducted compliance reviews at both private and for-hire carriers.



We have seen both sides of the DOT compliance equation by working commercial traffic on the road and conducting compliance reviews in carrier’s offices.  We have the added experience of helping customers build their compliance program or guiding them out of conditional or unsatisfactory ratings.


If you ask any carrier, IT IS EAISER TO START COMPLIANT RATHER THAN CLIMBING BACK FROM AN UNSATISFACTORY OR CONDITIONAL RATING. We help those that are just getting started. We help those that are about to have an audit. We assist those that have a conditional or unsatisfactory rating.


Since 2011 we have been assisting companies on site. In 2016, we expanded to include compliance seminars in a classroom setting. We designed these seminars to train you on how to become US DOT compliant and stay compliant.  These seminars are perfect for safety personnel, owners, driver managers, reporting and paperwork personnel and managers.