What stage of operation are you in? We can meet your business needs!!!



1. We can set up your operation to be in total compliance.

2. We can meet via webinar or at your place of business anywhere in the United States.  



Do you own an ESTABLISHED BUSINESS? We can come in and assess company  compliance. Once we determine your compliance, we will 

1. Find where the company is not compliant and show or tell you how to repair the deficit  OR

2. Find the non-compliant areas and complete the work to get the company compliant OR

3. Confirm the company's US DOT compliance and suggest company enhancements



Have you HAD A CALL FROM US DOT OR DPS giving the company a review date? We can

1. Come to the business location to review US DOT compliance and detect deficits AND

2. Assist the company in compliance. There are MANY areas we can correct immediately onsite. However, some compliance items are time sensitive(such as pre-emplyment drug screening) and must be addressed MONTHS ahead of an onsite visit.These areas CAN NOT be repaired but Steve Talkington Consulting CAN provide policies and procedures for future compliance and to take the sting out of a potential non-compliant citing. 


Have you received an UNSATISFACTORY or CONDITIONAL RATING? After an audit or compliance review we can improve the company's rating back to satisfactory by

1. Writing a corrective action plan to address the items that were out of compliance OR

2. Develop accident countermeasures for the company, if crashes are  problematic OR

3. Develop driver policies to assist  the company with  compliance.






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Let use help you be compliant before DOT tells you that you are not




We provide the required 2 hour certificate program EVERY COMPANY must complete. 




Our classes are geared for drivers, Our new driver certification course  is everything an employee needs to be able to save you money if they follow our training guidelines. 


Compliance department

We can be your compliance department. We will come to your site/s as needed be that  weekly, monthly, or quarterly. With our software can set you up and keep you compliant where you are located.


Mock audit

We conduct an on site in person review of company records to determine compliance. You will be prepared for the actual DOT or DPS audit process and given instructions on improving your chances of a better rating and possibly decreasing pending fine amounts. 


Audit log books

Driver compliance with hours of service is a major problem area for many companies leading to huge fines. If you have concerns about your company's compliance, we have the help you need. 


New company set up 

Let us join you in setting up your operations to be in compliance from the start. 


Compliance analysis

Comparing your documentation against DOT regulations, we will provide written recommended changes for your company to get compliant. 


Create company forms

We are capable of creating the forms your company can use to stay compliant. 


Safety training for staff

Do you have a "safety person" or "safety department" that is not currently operating to keep your company compliant? Let us come on site and train your staff to lead a compliant business to decrease your risk of  paying DOT fines.


Inspect fleet vehicles

Let us come to your place of business and reveal to you how compliant your fleet is with a typical level one inspection. We will provide you with a complete PER VEHECILE written report. You MAY  BE SHOCKED. 


Conduct driver classes

Drivers are your front line. Are they compliant on  on log books,driver vehicle inspection reports, (post trip inspections)? Do they know how their actions harm the company’s safety scores and their personal safety score as well?  Have they been prepared on how to interact with enforcement officers and what to expect in a roadside inspection? Our class covers everything a driver needs for safety, compliance AND to save the company money (fines, tickets). 



Custom built company policies

Don't waste valuable employee time to create policies. Let us custom build your company driver policy manual or drug and alcohol policy manual for a fraction of the cost. 


Company specific driver guidelines

We tailor the guidelines to your operation giving your drivers a reference to assist them in operational compliance. This will save you money. 



Many factors figure into our pricing including size of the company, number of drivers, number of vehicles, and how far out of compliance your company  may be. Every company and situation is different. Please  call or email us to discuss your company and for a price quote.