Webinar Training

Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

This course explains the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse and the idea behind the Clearinghouse.  We also walk through how to register in the Clearinghouse and the two different queries you can perform.  We will discuss the regulations on how and when to conduct a query. $99.00

Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Training for Supervisors

If you have more than one driver at your company you must have reasonable suspicion training. This course is one hour covering the effects of drugs on a person and signs to look for so that you can order a reasonable suspicion test. Also, one hour in alcohol use and abuse recognition in order to send someone for a reasonable alcohol test.  This course is good for any member of your team that has contact with the drivers in your company.  $99.00

Hours of Service

This course outlines the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations hour of service.  In this course we discuss the regulations as far as the maximum hours a driver is allowed to drive, and the maximum number of hours a driver can work.  We also discuss the short haul exception to the rule. We cover logbooks and electronic logging device and all of the exceptions to the HOS rules including oil field waiting times, utility service vehicles and their contractors. We cover the other exceptions contained in part 395 as well. $179.00

Drug and Alcohol Regulations

In this course we discuss all of the requirements of the drug and alcohol regulations that are applied to a CDL Driver. Discussed will be the 6 different kinds of test, the 5 different drugs that are tested for and when and how the drug and alcohol program should work. We will cover what to do in several instances such as a refusal to test, when to test, and how the test are performed. Most fines encountered during compliance reviews involve violations drug and alcohol violations. Approximately one hour. $99.00

Inspection Repair and Maintenance

In this course we discuss the proper way to conduct a pre-trip and post-trip inspection or DVIR. We also cover what records must be kept and for how long, and most importantly preventative maintenance. This is a must have course if your maintenance program is suffering. It can be very costly to be out of compliance in this area during a compliance review. $99.00

Driver Qualification Files

Driver qualification files must contain certain documents and several items that need to be updated on an annual basis.  Driver files that are incomplete are out of compliance.  We cover the requirements of the driver qualification files and have hints to assist you make this go smoothly. During this course we also talk about what will disqualify a driver from driving.  $99.00